Rewild Tea Haz, Koppany Pines

Koppanyszanto’s Falusi Vendégasztal”

(Koppanyszanto’s Village Guest Table)


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The “Village Table” is an initiative to support rural tourism by enabling small producers to prepare mainly regional & traditional dishes, generally cooked and prepared outdoors and oven-baked or cooked in a cauldron to share with visitors and guests.  The ingredients are grown onsite, locally produced or foraged.  The idea is the village guest table experience offers not just gastronomic delight, but also an insight into Hungarian food and traditions.  At Koppany Pines we support this initiative as we see this as a way to support our local community and give back for the support we have received.

What’s On Offer?

Our Rewild Tea Haz is the hub of our rewilding and offers a wide range of wellness benefits from campfire wellness, wild dining, wild craft, being outdoors, group interaction and obviously the nutritional benefits from eating homegrown.  Our own herbs, edible flowers and weeds are grown onsite and fruits and other ingredients are foraged, again activities you will find on our workshops and events.  In particular, our homegrown herbal teas are close to our heart.  We love people to ask questions and by interacting with our teas and breathing in the aromas and learning about the ingredients a simple cup of tea becomes a special experience.  Find out what herbs will work for you!

Food, Mood & Herbal Wellness

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History of Kettle Cooking

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Benefits of a Campfire

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Pre-Order Breakfast in our tea haz (Friday to Monday 8am to 11am)

Continental Tray – French or Hungarian (Delivery available)

Breakfast Menu – English Breakfast, Shakshuka, American Pancakes, Eggs 

Village Guest Table Events - THURSDAY, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (THURSDAY HIGH SEASON ONLY)

Each weekend we welcome you to our table.  Our aim is to cook outdoors whenever possible and based on the harvest of the day. Starts from 6pm

Thursday: (July/Aug only) Koppany BBQ We’ll light the BBQ, you bring your food. Let us know if you need to buy a bbq meal kit (meat free also available)

Friday:  Stone Baked Pizza Created by you and cooked in our pizza oven.

Saturday:  Bogracs tripod open fire cooking (Weather Permitting)

Sunday:  Roast Dinner or BBQ Speciality Dishes (Weather deciding)

Bar available

Afternoon Tea - Monday - 3pm to 5pm

Spend a delightful afternoon in nature enjoying an afternoon tea.  We offer a classic english afternoon tea or a push those boundaries and opt for our botantical option and see where your taste buds lead you.

Self Serve Tea bar

There is no waitress, manager, or cashier in the shop and everything is self-service, from making your own tea to paying the bill.  Just make yourself at home and select from our choice of teas, coffees, drinks, cakes and light meals and enjoy!

Micro farmers market

Browse our micro farmer’s market selling local produce, drinks and local wares. Homegrown always tastes better.

Spring & Summer 2024

Koppanyszanto’s Falusi Vendégasztal Events & Wild Workshops 

Get creative and have a go at a wide range of craft & art techniques, wild craft workshops & .rewilding activities. You’ll be guided, develop new skills, and learn new ways of thinking to inspire your creative process. Our workshops are relaxed and informal.

As well as the breakfast & village guest table evenings hosted Thursday evening to Monday afternoon, look out for our hosted nature socials which allow you to escape for a few hours or a whole weekend:-

HANDCRAFTED PICNIC AT THE LAKE –  9th June 2024, 25th August 2024 A great way to spend an afternoon tasting a variety of different platters produced from our garden set in a beautiful setting at a local private fishing lake.

FORAGED AFTERNOON TEA (Every Monday 3pm-5pm) – Foraged Afternoon tea to really test those taste buds all served with a teapot of your choice of tea.  We even make our own herbal tea bags. Less adventurous, no problem, just select the classic afternoon tea option.

COCKTAILS & FOLKTALES – 14th June 2024, 13th July 2024, 21st July 2024 A night of foraging, making cocktails (alcoholic & non alcoholic), finished with folktales around the campfire or high on the hill depending on the temperature! 

STAR GAZING ESCAPE: 8th – 12th August 2024 -Perseid Meteors fall during this weekend and under ideal conditions up to a dozen shooting stars will be visible in the sky.  It’s an amazing sight and every year has been a real celebration of cultures centred around this one event. We will offer breakfast & dinner options, guided walk Friday, Lake Picnic Saturday, Kettle Cooking Saturday night with the telescopes at the ready and then a thermal spa option on the Sunday. MORE INFORMATION

WOMENS WELLBEING ESCAPE: 16th – 18th August 2024 – Men can come and stay but the events are just for the women.  We invite you to join us for a full itinerary of wild wellness allowing us to come together and share in a safe place, with no judgement. Based on the 4 elements of air, water, earth and light we have created a program to help you reset, re-energise and relaunch. MORE INFORMATION

BUSHCRAFT ESCAPE: 23rd to 25th August 2024 – A weekend of learning bushcraft & survival skills, campfire cooking and geocaching to test those map reading skills, all finished with a picnic by the lake.  CAMPFIRE BREAKFAST – A chance to cook breakfast over the campfire in true bushcraft style – Pancake Breakfast or English Breakfast

FAMILY WILD ESCAPE: 5th – 7th July 2024  & 30th August – 1st September 2024  A weekend in nature of fun and learning.  Not all activities are with the adults, so parents will have time to rest and enjoy the break, whilst also having opportunities to engage with the children as a family.  You will pick from different options to have a weekend that is best suited to your family, 

September dates still to be announced


Bushcraft is about survival and developing an increased ability to adapt and overcome difficult challenges.  Becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on technology, building confidence and self-reliance. Increased confidence helps develop leadership skills and build an understanding of the value of community. Learning to solve problems creatively with minimal tools translates well to many other areas of life.  We cover four of the six fundamental skills: wildcraft, firecraft, finding and purifying water, den building. For us bushcraft is not only about the lesson but also about being mindful of the natural world around us.  



SPOON WHITTLING & KNIFE SHARPENING: 8th June 2024, 17th June 2024

AXE THROWING:  28th June 2024, 20th July 2024


FINDING & PURIYING WATER (Bushcraft Escape only) 


DEN BUILDING (Bushcraft Escape Only)






Crafting has been found to help relieve stress symptoms and stimulate the neurological system to help enhance your health and well-being. It can help build self-esteem and confidence. Simply visualizing, working on, and then creating a product can make you feel better about yourself. Add to that it improves memory and concentration skills and it’s better for the environment than using synthetic craft materials, reduces waste and promotes sustainability, should leave you with an all round feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.


WIRE SCULPTURE: 12th July 2024, 19th August 2024

GLASS PAINTING: 14th July 2024, 26th August 2024

PINECONE ART: 23rd July 2024

LEAF ART: 22nd July 2024

NATURE DYES (TRADITIONAL HUNGARIAN EGG DYING): 10th June 2024, 12th August 2024, 

MANDELA CANDLES BOXES: 3rd June 2024, 15th July 2024, 



Cooking and baking meet the criteria of a type of therapy known as ‘behavioural activation’, which are activities that alleviate depression by increasing goal-oriented behavior and reducing procrastination. This is why psychologists now believe cooking can be classed as therapeutic, even better when it’s outside! Wildcrafting, gathering (herbs, plants, and fungi) from the wild, brings joy in the satisfaction that we are supporting our own wellness as well as improving out connection with the natural world. It’s a free supply of food and medicine and a great survival skill.  We have a particular interest in herbs, edible weeds and flowers and plants growing in your own back yard.  Wild dining is said to improve your physical health by reducing your heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones and muscle tension. Mentally should boost your mood and improve relaxation, creativity and concentration.   It can encourage you to be more active, pursue hobbies and socialize with others and help you connect and appreciate with nature.

Our activities include (click for more details):-

  • CULINARY WALK24th May 2024, 24th June 2024 An introduction to edible flowers and weeds, followed by a tasting session, includes a walk around the campsite foraging.
  • HERBAL TEA FORAGING AND TASTING – 19th July 2024 An introduction to the different flavours of herbal teas including a tasting and a chance to make your own teabags and a discussion of the beneficial elements of the herbs.   In the summer, we create iced-teas!
  • HONEY TASTING & PAIRING – 21tst July 2024 Do you know your honeys?
  • INFUSED VINEGAR WORKSHOP 9th September 2024 An introduction to flavours, pairings and how to create you own flavoured vinegars.


Our wild wellness is about restoring and rebalancing, to reduced anger, fear, stress and increase pleasant feelings. This rebalance improves attention and allows us to focus better.  Not only to focus on those around us but also ourselves.  To look inward and start looking at our needs, desires. Who we are? What do you want from life? To see what we need to maintain better health, both physically and mentally, and enable us to identify those moments we need to look after ourselves and create a personal pathway to ensure mental well-being so you can live your best life and thrive!  The key is to focus on being mindful not just in nature, but in undertaking all life tasks.  Finding out what is necessary and de-cluttering your life to find a simpler path emotionally and physically. We include fire gazing which is deeply meditative, inspiring and awakening experience.  The trance-like relaxing effects of a campfire are well documented but now scientists have found that an open fire reduces blood pressure – the longer people sit in front of a roaring fire, the greater the relaxing effect it has on them.

The purpose of or wellness activities is to show you techniques to relax and de-stress in nature leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and benefitting from quaility time away from the stresses of every day life with new found friends and great memories to keep for every – with a little learning along the way.  We often incorporate these activities with an afternoon tea or handcrafted picnic. 

 In summary,

  • Being outdoors motivates you to be physical, social, more energetic even if your choice is just to sit and take in the surroundings.  It helps alleviate feelings of isolation and builds connections with nature and hopefully new friendships.  Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues may all be eased by some time in the great outdoors – especially when it’s combined with exercise.
  • Stress reduction is one of the most well-known benefits of being in nature. Consequently, it may also help reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Even viewing nature out of a window is associated with lower stress and reduced mortality although we would hope you’d do more than that!
  • Believe it or not, being in nature can help improve your short-term and working memory.
  • Inflammation is a natural process the body uses to respond to threats, but when there’s too much inflammation in the body, it’s associated with other illnesses, like inflammatory bowel disease, depression, and cancer. Spending time in nature may be one way to help keep it in check. 


PHOTOWALKING:  25th July 2024

FOREST BATHING: 25th May 2024

SIT, SPOT & JOURNALLING: 23rd May 2024, 11th July 2024

THERMAL BATH VISIT: 26th May 2024, 23rd June 2024


FAMILY WILD (Family Specific Activities)

So many studies are now supporting the benefits of nature and advocating rewilding as a family the way forward.  Let’s start with calming, children’s stress levels fall within minutes of seeing green spaces.  Having the space to play protects children’s emotional development, whereas the loss of free time and a hurried lifestyle of today can contribute to anxiety and depression.  Nature makes children nicer, enhancing social interactions, value for community, and close relationships.  Taking play back to basics and re-building through task work and challenges allows families to reconnect in a very natural way.  

We run two weekends of Family Wild 5th to 7th July 2024 & 30th to 1st September 2024










We offer a guided program from Thurs afternoon to Monday 5pm, however, if you prefer solo activities here are a few ideas.




TAMASI CYCLE: Guided date 2nd June 2024




STAR GAZING – Just ask and we will set up the telescope for you, we are a dark skies area so cloud cover and weather permitting there’s amazing sights to see.

WINE TASTING: 35 minutes drive