Koppany Valley Nature Park

A protected and underdeveloped area of rural Hungary, the Koppany Valley offers a rare view into wildlife, flora and fauna.   The southern shore of Lake Balaton is only 30 kilometers away from the Valley which brings together the most underdeveloped small villages where, lack of investment and development has meant , the rich local heritage survived.
There are nearly 100 kilometers of hiking trails (Koppány Valley Trail) which are connected by a foot, by bicycle (fitness required) and horse to explore. 

Villages of the Koppany Valley

Ways to Rewild in the Koppany Valley


The Koppany trails network traverse the five villages of the Nature Park, but we also are within striking distance of the DDP hikes (red walk).  “Beautiful nature – and cultural landscape. Hill with wine houses, forests and fields. Healthy wildstand and beautiful flora. Walking kilometers without encounter anyone on the most fantastic paths and amazing views.” Abel Stok  recommends Koppányvölgy Natúrpark – December 28, 2018


We have three lakes within the local area.  Our personal  favourite is a beautiful private lake owned by a local villager, who let’s us fish for a small charge.  Then we have Andocs lake where tickets are purchased at the pub in Andocs village ( opens at 7a.m.) and Kocsola lake purchase tickets on the bank.  Both lakes are day tickets and have carp, catfish, zander and pike in. (Own tackle required).  A fishing trip to Lake Balaton is another suggestion, you have Siofok within 35 minutes drive.


We are super lucky to have the beautiful lake Balaton or lake Deseda within a 45 minute drive.  Bring your own equipment or Lake Deseda also offers the opportunity to hire equipment.  There are plenty of stopping places along the lake edges and places to launch.  A great way to enjoy a natural peaceful escape in areas bursting with wildlife. 


The unpolluted dark skies of the Koppany Valley offer ideal star gazing opportunities and we have telescope available for guests so if we aren’t already out staring at the skies then just ask us to set it up.  Within 1hr 30m drive is Zselic Starry Sky Park.  which offers an astronomy program for visitors that includes a planetarium, a meteorite collection and a telescopic observation.


Birds you might spot or hear are Woodpeckers, Cuckoo, Skylark and Goldfinch and the European Bee-eater  which is one of Hungary’s most beautiful birds. Its colourful plumage is breathtaking.  A short drive from the site we have the nature reserve of Pacsmags Lakes of Regoly with it’s marshlands and fishponds, 10 km to the south-east of the town of Tamási. Waterbirds such as ferruginous ducks, Nyroca n. nyroca, and herons (Egretta), as well as predatory birds including hawks (Accipiter sp.), bald eagles, and Heliaeetus leucocephalus, are observed in the nearby Pacsmag Lake area.

Other Activities


Nature’s larder is always open!

Wine Tasting

Nature’s nectar and Hungary is becomer more reknown for it’s wines.

Thermal Baths

With two baths within a short drive you’d be a fool to miss the experience.


There are several local companies


A great way to experience nature.


No shortage of opportunities to capture a moment in time.  Why not join our nature photography group?


There is always a quiet place to sit and draw.


Butterflies charmed our surroundings and If you are a lepidopterist you will not be disappointed.

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