Sit Spot & Journalling

Stroll the 20 minute walk through the fields and fauna to a private lake, taking in the breeze and rustle of the wind blowing through the leaves, the scaling hill around.  At the beautiful lake cleanse your lungs with fresh air or sit with your gaze fixed on the point where sea meets sky to achieve instant calm.

Now it’s time to SIT SPOT
“Find your sit spot and see what comes.” This activity gives you time to connect with nature on you own terms. As simple as it sounds, Sit Spot is one of the most memorable and potentially life-changing journaling experiences.  This is an opportunity for you to focus not just on observing your surroundings but also noticing what it is like for you to be there. In this activity, we take you to the lake to  find your  own place in an outdoor area, then sit and spot something that inspires you. They can record their experience in their journal, and share about it afterward. 

This activity is designed as a way of slowing down to observe their surroundings.

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