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Immersion of Thermal Wellness

Thermal spa experiences have a long history, dating back to Ancient Roman times. The combination of therapies involving hot and cold treatments are renowned for relieving muscular aches and pains, detoxing skin, improving body metabolism and increasing circulation.

While the word “spa” can conjure images of being pampered in a luxurious setting, in Hungary it’s quite different. The key to Hungary’s thermal culture is its location on the Carpathian Basin. The earth’s crust is very thin here, allowing water to rise easily to the surface.

Being landlocked, Hungary, has an abundant supply of thermal water springs, it’s an immersion of thermal wellness. These water sources are rich in dissolved minerals, with the exact mineral content varying depending on the location.  Therefore, the mineral content of all Hungarian spas is not the sameSome spas have water that is rich in calcium, magnesium, and hydro-carbonate, which is best for treating joint diseases, arthritis, and orthopedic problems Other spas have water that is sulfurous-smelling, salty, or has other special properties, and is recommended for healing certain health conditions  

The salty medicinal waters of  Tamási have a mucus dissolving effect, it makes the stomach produce more gastric acid, and it is recommended to be used for treating locomotor disorders and chronic gynaecological diseases. Salty medicinal water strengthens the immune system when one has psoriasis. The medicinal water mustn’t be used for treating patients suffering from a high blood pressure or oedema.

The main tourist attraction in Tamási is the spa and open-air bath which is one of the most attended country spas in Hungary. It is known for its excellent natural environment, the health-providing quality of the water, and the superb surroundings. The thermal water has a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius and is considered very healthy. The special health-improving qualities of the water are due to its high sodium, calcium, and potassium concentration. The seven hectare woodland of the bath is open all year round, featuring open-air pools, stretched-surface water pools, and a separate children’s pool.

The 81 °C thermal water with declared healing power comes from 651 m deep, and it has an extremly high dissolved mineral content (10.358 mg/litre), which has been considered among the best ones in Europe for the last 50 years. It is confirmed by those satisfied guests who found healing here for hopeless conditions, recovered after an accident or could conceive a baby as a result of the beneficial effects of the Igal thermal water.

Igal is the small town fully living by its spas. Its friendly atmosphere, historic monuments, hospitable people  make it a popular destination among tourists who wish to get healing and relaxation. The Igal Thermal Bath is one of the oldest baths in the South Transdanubian region.The amusement outdoor area is pleasant, especially great for children, open in summer. There are medical thermal pools of various temperature inside and out, just great, fully compared to the best ones in Budapest. Cleanliness, large dressing rooms, nice prices, pensioner (local+EU) discounts, very good buffet and restaurants, relaxing areas, spa treatments/massages, saunas, guarded parking. 

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